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Unmasking the 'Magic' of Mediation

What’s all the fuss about mediation? Does it really help? Here is the article I wrote for the UK Journal of Mediation explaining why sometimes there’s no substitute: Unmasking the ‘MAGIC’ of Mediation

Playing Chess with Power and Pipelines

In the wake of what RussianAmbassador to the EU Vladimir called the “mayhem of events” in Ukraine, I was lucky enough to be asked to write an article for Caspian World for the Caspian Oil and Gas conference in Baku in 2014. Here is the article: Playing Chess with Power and Pipelines

Renovation Roadmaps for Buildings

Supporting our client help national EU governments to create Intelligent Renovation Roadmaps for building. Here is the report: Renovation Roadmaps for Buildings

Along with our team of experts from around the globe, we developed the world’s largest global study comparing energy performance requirements for appliances from country to country. The report is: Improving Global Comparability of Appliance Energy Efficiency Standards and Labels

You can also see a webinar sharing the results of the study as well as some additional information here on the Clean Energy Ministerial Website.

(Note: This is quite a techy specialist one!)

The Brexit Stalemate: No one is listening anymore

Could the UK actually learn something from its Church?, Kluwer Mediation Blog and Huffington Post ( and

Conflict Coaching, UK Journal of Mediation

Whether in the boardroom or bedroom, most people do not like conflict: and for good reason. Human beings are social in nature. (

Determination of Accurate Television Usage Profiles

A U.S. case study. Energy Efficiency, (joint author) (2013) (

How To Avoid Arguments This Christmas! Three Golden Rules

Family! As one of my friends says ‘they made your buttons, so of course they know how to push them’! And most of the time they don’t even realise that they’re doing it.