The Policy Partners

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The Policy Partners is a global strategic energy efficiency consultancy and think-do tank. Drawing on its significant network of energy efficiency experts, The Policy Partners brings together targeted expertise on a project-by-project basis. This allows our clients to benefit from among the best expertise in the world when it is needed and exactly for the tasks that require this expertise. We deliver quality advice based on our strong technical and policy abilities in highly efficient collaborative teams. We look at issues holistically and find creative and sustainable solutions.

Our experts are internationally recognized clear-thinking leaders in their fields and are known to be respected and collaborative individuals. We work with our experts across a range of projects, allowing our clients to benefit from the synergies already developed between our team members. Together we are able to span multiple economies and geographies as well as providing the in-depth knowledge that often only a local consultancy can provide, across a large range of products, analytical tools and assessment techniques.

We understand that to effect real change, we must not only provide exceptional strategy and analysis but also support our clients in communicating effectively and developing creative sustainable solutions. We deliver results in clear and easily accessible formats designed to impact target audiences. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide outstanding service and results.

Work we have been involved in includes:

  • The world’s largest global study comparing energy performance requirements for appliances from country to country read more
  • Supporting our client help national EU governments to create Intelligent Renovation Roadmaps for building read more
  • Supporting the government of Mongolia in developing energy legislation