The Mediation Partners



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The Mediation Partners is a division of The Policy Partners Ltd., a global consultancy and think-do tank.


The Mediation Partners offers mediation and facilitation services to domestic and international institutions or companies and is a division of global consultancy and think-do tank “The Policy Partners”.

As a co-founder, my specialties focus on consensus building, dispute resolution and supporting my clients in finding tailored out-of-the-box sustainable solutions. I do this by helping them to communicate more effectively, delve into the difficult areas and understand each other, the situation and the options better. This results in more robust policies, expanding the pie and innovative and yet feasible compromise for all concerned. I believe that a jointly developed compromise generally yields the best results for all parties. Work I have done in this area includes supporting governments in developing consensus legislation and supporting organisations in restructuring optimally during challenging times. I have also been involved in a number of communications projects.