Mia speaks on topics including conflict resolution, managing difficult conversations, and health and wellbeing.  Some examples of her wide ranging public speaking include:

Speaking at The Spirituality and Wellbeing Conference on 14th November, in Derby.

10.10 am    ‘The benefits and limitations of mindfulness and meditation, and their impacts on overall wellbeing’

At Chatham House on

Using Neuroscience and culture to understand conflict in Turkey and around the world

At Debating London on:

Scrapping the Human Rights Act


Abolish the Human Rights Act and replace it with a British Bill of Rights

At the Franco-British Lawyer’s Society’s Breakfast Seminar on:

Resolving Disputes & Avoiding Conflict: Mediating commercial disputes in France and the UK: Differences and Similarities in the Legal and Practical Realities

Topic: Culture and Conflict Resolution