Mediation & Facilitated Negotiation

Turning conflict into opportunity 


Mia is a skilled CEDR accredited Mediator and Facilitator. Building on her unique experience in law, negotiation, science and regulation, she approaches mediation as a process in which every party should win, following the philosophy that a jointly developed compromise generally yields the best results for all. She has a reputation for achieving practical and creative solutions whilst improving relationships. Before training as a mediator, Mia practised law for over seven years in the London office of a leading global law firm. As an EU, regulatory and international trade lawyer, she advised FTSE 100 corporations on some of the largest transactions in Europe. She further worked for several years advising the UK and US Governments on the development and implementation of product environmental performance regulation and has advised industry and international organisations on the implementation of energy efficiency regulation. She also advised the US Department of Energy on the merits of using the Negotiated Procedure, a more collaborative approach for the development of regulation.

Mia is trilingual (fluent in English, French and Italian). She has worked and lived in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, France and Italy. Recently, Mia facilitated between different parts of the Mongolian Government supporting them in developing and agreeing on new legislation.

Mia Forbes Pirie’s Mediation services were invaluable to help Tower 42 Travel resolve a difficult conflict. Throughout the process, she showed herself to be empathetic, knowledgeable, patient and fair.  She treated the problem like her own, making herself highly available.

While some of us involved in  the dispute, initially doubted the need and value of mediation, Mia’s approach has helped us to achieve a resolution that would not have been possible without her help.

Matt Gough

Director, Tower 42 Travel

When Mia started mediation within our organisation, we considered it a final, last ditch attempt to resolve a complex longstanding dispute in one of our departments.  Previous attempts at management intervention and external mediation had all failed. The case involved allegations of bullying and unfair treatment, communication issues, personality clashes and differences of working style and approach therefore issues involved potential grievances.

Mediation provided a confidential way to resolve their disagreements together as a team.  As an independent person, Mia, facilitated the process in an impartial way.  She encouraged the parties to speak to each other and reach mutually acceptable agreements; by generating options and ideas that will improve the situation.

As a mediator, Mia has great empathy with people and her warmth helps make all parties feel at ease quickly.

Between sessions Mia offered telephone support and access to her mindfulness training course.  This enabled the team to discuss individual concerns or worries in between session with her and this I believe made the mediation more likely to be successful.

Through her skilled mediation, Mia successfully helped the team to achieve a win/win outcome, with all parties taking responsibility for making changes and agreeing a more positive way of working in the future.

Head of Human Resourses

Workplace Mediation