Jurit LLP

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Jurit LLP is a law firm comprised mainly of former in-house lawyers from large technology firms, like IBM and lawyers from large City law firms.
I head up Jurit’s Alternative Dispute Resolution & Prevention division. Resolving conflict and preventing disputes from arising is central to good business. The soft stuff is hard to get right but pays dividends which translate into happier staff, more productive companies and healthier balance sheets.

I am building specialist mediation and facilitation panels to handle disputes once they have arisen (starting with Technology and Fashion). Theses panels include skilled mediators with specialist knowledge. Where required for niche topics, an innovative format has been developed which allows senior experts with specific knowledge to participate in the work undertaken by mediators.

On the prevention side, I have developed courses in Mediation Skills for Business, drawing on my knowledge of a variety of mediation, facilitation and negotiation techniques to support clients in preventing legal disputes, resolving conflicts internally before they escalate, and working more effectively and collaboratively.

To support companies with integration around mergers or where the company is wanting to strategically maximize its potential in a culturally diverse context, I brought together a team of lead facilitators, and organizational psychologists. We specialize in un-blocking blocked boards and getting buy-in from staff into a new corporate culture.