Executive Health Coaching

One of my clients says: ‘Unlike many other coaches I’ve had before, I can’t pull the wool over your eyes’ (Director, Independent Wine Merchant). If you’re serious about making a change and willing to dig a bit deeper, I might be the coach for you.

I work with busy executives, leaders and other coaches to help them develop and achieve their health and wellbeing goals.  My clients are successful and accomplished individuals who want a hand in making sensible changes that fit into their busy lives.  They know that their health is important but their life is also important.  They know that their health affects the quality of their lives and vice versa. They want to work with someone who is also accomplished and who they will consider an equal with a different skill-set from themselves.

I take a realistic approach and together we look at developing achievable and sustainable goals and reaching them.  We also look at the hurdles you might encounter and how best to deal with them when they arise so that you are fully prepared.

I ask one challenging thing of my clients – I ask them to remember that they are human.  Sometimes, as highly accomplished people we have trouble with that.  But taking into account our humanity is key to achieving greater success.

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