Facilitation Training

with Peter Woodward and Mia Forbes Pirie

Mia recently trained Panel Leaders at a conference and helped them and conference leaders to have more interactive discussions. Here’s what her client had to say:

We’re all just back from the C4E Forum, which I dare to say was a great success. Panel leaders really followed your advice, and sessions were more interactive than I’ve ever seen at a conference.

Renée Bruel, European Climate Foundation.


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We have observed that many training courses give people a basic idea of what facilitation is about. Few truly prepare the participant for the reality they encounter in the room. Building on years of practical experience, we have developed a deeper training programme tailored to the specific needs of course participants.

Good facilitation demands a combination of mind-set and practical skills: on our programmes participants develop both. Research consistently shows that the best learning happens through practice. Our programme is hands-on during the class-room phase and also includes a personal action plan and one to one coaching following up.

On our two-day courses, participants will:

  1. Learn practical skill-sets
  2. Grow in confidence and competence
  3. Identify a personal action plan to support their future development
  4. Follow-up in a one to one session with a programme leader
  5. Get feedback from programme leaders on their process design

For more information contact mia@miaforbespirie.com or peterwoodward@questnet.co.uk