Executive Coaching

Mia’s clients are generally successful busy professionals and entrepreneurs who want to get more out of life, have more energy and better work-life balance (which she prefers to speak about as integration). Alternatively, they are going through or want to go make a significant change in their lives.

Everybody needs support to balance their professional and personal lives and to grow and achieve their full potential. Mia provides executive coaching to leaders and busy professionals.



Work is challenging. Usually you thrive on that, but sometimes it feels too much and you may find it difficult to cope. I will help you develop resilience, not just for now (although we will look at ways you can feel better ‘in the moment’), but for the long-term. You will be more able to weather any storm that comes your way.


Being realistic

Although you know that meditating for an hour every morning, getting out for a walk at lunchtimes and cooking a fresh meal every evening would benefit your health and wellbeing, you also know that if you tried to do all that every day you’d barely last a week. I will support you making change that is achievable and in line with your values. Small changes can have a huge impact. We just need to find the right ones.



You take your personal and professional responsibilities seriously. There’s always something that needs doing if you’re going to meet your commitments and your own high standards, so you’re constantly on-the-go. Together we will step back and find clarity so that you can say ‘no’ to the things that aren’t serving you and give yourself permission to achieve all that you want from life.

Each person is an individual and each coaching session is tailored specifically to you and your needs. Sometimes, these will be practical, sometimes emotional, mental, or physical. Sessions can be active (e.g. planning to achieve a goal), or more reflective (e.g. helping you to better understand yourself or a situation and finding tools to move through the situation). Sessions are available in person, over the phone or by Skype.

“If you think I might be the coach for you apply for a Discovery Call”