Dialogue & Facilitation

Creating effective and engaging conversations


Mia has worked as a facilitator supporting dialogue in a wide range of contexts including individuals, companies, NGOs, governments, and in a religious context. Examples include:

  • supporting the Mongolian government to develop their energy legislation
  • assisting Directors in developing new strategy and changing their organisational structure
  • facilitating between international manufacturers and businesses
  • facilitating for international collaboration of 16 countries as part of an initiative under the Clean Energy Ministerial
  • supporting the Church of England, facilitating ‘shared conversations’ on LGBT issues
  • supporting European MPs in having a different kind of dialogue
  • supporting MPs, NGOs and Think Tanks in discussing the refugee crisis

It was such an amazing conversation. When I looked at your website, it wasn’t easy to understand exactly what you do. Now I realise that it can’t really be described and you have to experience it.

Think Tank

Workshop Participant and Organiser, Workshop on Refugee Crisis

Mia Facilitating Dialogue between International motors manufacturers

Mia Facilitating Dialogue between International motors manufacturers

MPs in a different kind of dialogue

Academics, NGOs, Industry and Government in a different dialogue

What people say:

Mia facilitated our network leadership through a series of strategically important and difficult issues and helped us build consensus around a new organisational model and transition plan. She introduced a critical perspective in a way which gave room for honest but useful debate between directors and helped us to address, rather than avoid, difficult decisions. She is an astute listener, and an articulate rapporteur.

Executive Director

Global NGO

Mia Forbes Pirie moderated our two day workshop in Brussels in August 2013.  We were dealing with a large transition within our global organization with offices in Paris, Brussels, Washington and China. The transition included funding cuts and potential job losses, as well as changes in working practices and relationships, a serious and difficult transition.

Mia managed to run these two days in a very efficient and pleasant way, bringing out the issues that needed to be brought out and ensuring that everyone was fully heard. She brought much-needed clarity and flexibility to the process and made it work. I was impressed by her and would, without any doubt, recommend her as moderator for other complex processes.

Technical Director

International Organisation

Mia is friendly, engaging and refreshingly honest and is able to mix in easily anywhere she might find herself in the world. She is also highly intelligent and has a love of learning, demonstrated by her numerous degrees and qualifications (too many if you ask me!). She has an unshakeable calm confidence and a soothing presence and does not hesitate to hold her own, even with me!

Sir Stirling Moss OBE

former racing driver, Stirling Moss Ltd.

Thank you for leading us so ably through this morning’s minefield! I have received only positive feedback.

International Charity

What do you see? And how do you perceive it? Do others perceive things in the same way? Part of a workshop on Conflict and Climate Change at Imperial College that I ran for KIng’s College, International Alert and the Grantham Institute

Mercator European Dialogue, co-facilitating

MPs in a different kind of discussion

Intensely facilitating a small group of MPs on Foreign Policy at the Mercator European Dialogue, Berlin

Panel at conference on Conflict and Climate Change that I facilitated

European MPs from different parties in a different kind of dialogue