Conflict Coaching

Conflict affects people’s lives deeply – whether it be in the boardroom, in the bedroom, in the battle field or a court room.

Being a mediator and facilitator (and having previously been a full-time lawyer), I see how deeply conflict and the issues that people are in conflict over, affect their lives. Being in conflict is stressful. As human beings we are naturally conciliatory. We seek to form positive relationships. When we’re engaged in conflict – either at home or at work, with litigation in mind or not, most of us find it hard.  That’s why I also coach people who are in conflict around how to deal with their internal struggles and emotions, how to interact with others involved in the conflict and how to make the decisions they need to make more effectively and constructively.


Conflict coaching provides:

  • support in dealing with difficult emotion
  • support in dealing with difficult people (and, more generally, others involved in the conflict)
  • perspective
  • the ability to see and consider options more clearly
  • support in how to make effective and constructive decisions
  • a sounding board for potential options