I coach on health, mindset, wellbeing, life balance (which I prefer to speak about in terms of integration) and around issues to do with conflict.  My clients also tell me that I’m a great sounding board.

Being a mediator and facilitator (and having previously been a full-time lawyer), I see how deeply conflict and the issues that people are in conflict over, affect people’s lives.  That’s why I also coach people who are in conflict around how to deal with their internal struggles and how to make the decisions they need to make.

It’s a myth that we can ‘do it all on our own’.  Most successful people have a lot of support.  Or if it’s not a myth, it’s certainly more fun and less lonely to have people on your side that you can rely on.  A number of my clients have told me that they ‘want me on their team’ – that feels like a good way to work to me.