A skilled international facilitator, mediator and coach, Mia has worked with governments, directors restructuring organisations, religious organisations, Members of Parliament, and advised the US Department of Energy on using facilitated negotiation to develop controversial legislation. She has spoken at Chatham House on how culture and identity impact conflict resolution.

Mia practised EU and International trade law advising FTSE 100 companies for over seven years in the London office of a leading global law firm. She further worked for several years on two of the world’s leading energy efficiency programmes, advising the UK and US Governments on the development and negotiation of environmental regulation, including some of the most sensitive legislation in that area in the US. She has also advised industry and international organisations on developing energy efficiency regulation.

Mia is trilingual (fluent in English, French and Italian). She believes in creating Intelligent Change: change that is meaningful, effective and sustainable. She holds a Masters in EC Law from the College of Europe, Bruges and a Masters of Science in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London. As a lawyer, she took a sabbatical in the European Commission’s former “Diplomatic Corps” (External Relations) and was appointed temporary desk officer for Brunei Darussalam.

Alongside her mediation and facilitation work, Mia is passionate about sharing the things that have most supported her own development, including meditation and yoga. To this end, she has trained to become a certified health coach, mindfulness and yoga teacher, and developed an online mindfulness programme as well as teaching in some of London’s top yoga studios